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Winter motorcycle driver to bring electric gloves
Shenzhen SANTANG technology Co., LTD. is a collection development, production, sales, professional manufacture of new rechargeable battery series, integrated mobile lithium battery electric warm series of high-tech enterprises. The company's main project is divided into rechargeable lithium batteries and mobile electric warm series two categories. One rechargeable battery products categories include: lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries. Second mobile lithium battery electric warm series products include: electric warm gloves, electric warm clothes.\

Electric gloves features:
1: electric gloves safe to use, there is no security risk.
2: Electric leather gloves using advanced materials, waterproof and flexible, feel comfortable, and durable.
3: Electric heating gloves short time. Up to 30 seconds to heat up to 60 degrees Celsius.
4: electric gloves wireless contact switch and heating instructions, easy to use and beautiful.
5: not only do ordinary electric gloves warm gloves, can also be connected to the power supply as related to the use of electric gloves, and do gymnastics simple and convenient.
Tang Technologies Co., Ltd. Shenzhen three professional electric gloves manufacturers, welcome to the motorcycle driver ordered electric gloves.

 In the cold winter, motorcycle drivers are often bullied by the wind, in a timely manner will bring a thick leather gloves blue with cold hands, fingers stinging, sometimes accidents will therefore occur. In this regard, Shenzhen SANTANG technology Co., LTD. after three years of research experiments, invented the electric gloves.
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