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Hot autumn sweater mall
  Autumn in October , has yet to wear a jacket of the season, but the city's major shopping malls brand plush products have appeared , associated promotional activities in full swing.
Reporters found that this year's cashmere sweaters , down jackets and other plush products have one thing in common - especially bright colors . In Carey counters in both the fifth floor sweaters , cashmere sweater style is more fashionable than in previous years , more vivid colors than in previous years , such as the most prominent is the ingenious application of rhinestones .
Chongbai building , said the ninth floor of the mall sale hall , almost every day brand cashmere sweaters and down jackets sale activities , while on the third floor and the fifth floor , there are also boutique plush products " Reward " campaign .
Wangfujing Department Store from the day after tomorrow , will hold the first exhibition on the fifth floor down jacket , down jacket brand will have a lot of customer feedback will be preferential prices .
With the new century, the color consultant
The face of many brands and numerous colors, as consumers how to pick out one that is both fit , but also for their own clothing color it ? But wait ! New Century Department
It introduced the new century , in the time undecided customers to buy clothing , shopping square with professional color consultant will be on-site shopping guide , allowing customers to buy desirable brands. If a customer in the women's area of consumption accumulated over 30,000 yuan , you can enjoy free color consulting services.
Two mall customer feedback Halloween
October 31 each year , is the West 's "Halloween ." Starting tomorrow minority businesses , Wangfujing , Li Yang department stores launched a Halloween promotion. In contrast, this year than in previous years the emphasis on the city's shopping malls foreign section .
Wangfujing , Li Yang , although in the pursuit of " Halloween ", but "ulterior motives ", the main purpose of the event is an excuse for major efforts to customer feedback . October 28 - October 30, three days , Wangfujing Department Store , said members can spend 200 yuan to participate in Super raffle prizes have a cell phone , color TV, double quilt, electric pan , electric blankets , etc., 100% winning , new members to join the site may also participate .
Li Yang Department Store on October 28 -31 , held " Halloween Feast" , and its essence is to give the customer a substantial profit sharing .
During the event , customers in the whole museum purchase of 300 yuan to extract one hundred percent winning scratch cards , prizes have new SONY audio, home convenient vacuum cleaners, plush warm winter slippers , towel lovers gift boxes, paper pumping heart of India value Gifts
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